MuchoThumbs is an application designed to create thumbnails web sites extremely rapidly, with all related parts (thumbnails, web pages, banners, picture frames, …).MuchoThumbs includes a lot of useful tools to transform and correct your pictures (resize, crop, b&w or sepia, copyright, movie export, contrast and brightness, …) or as simple as viewing, slideshow and zoom.MuchoThumbs could be used as simple as a one-click operation software or as a fully customizable and expandable through its plugins mechanism.State of the art of the newest Apple technologies (Intel and Universal Binary, multi-language bundle, Apple-scriptable, …) and web technologies (ajax, …).

MuchoThumbs is not updated anymore and won’t be updated for future Mac OS versions

Version 4.6 brings Intel version fully compatible with Lion aka Mac OS 10.7Descriptions are now plist based and are now connected to images names

Plugins and preferences are now saved in Application support (˜/Library/Application Support/MuchoSoft)

Various little fixes

Italian and Spanish translation

Mtpintel (743 downloads)

This is the last compiled version of MuchoThumbs Pro
If anyone would ever need this version, it is obviously to use as-is, at your own risk, as MTP has been discontinued and support is stopped MTP Beta 4.7 (726 downloads)


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